This contest consists of a competition between students of different levels, where they can develop various skills, both transversal and academic, such as spelling, vocabulary acquisition, improve the language among others.

Our students, from 5th grade to 8th grade were eager to participate. All the classes had received a long list of words and after some period of practice, where all of them had the possibility to be selected, the teachers chose the ones who did their best.

The English department of Colegio El Salvador informs the educational community that, on September 12th, the Third English Spelling Contest was held in middle school. The contest was divided into two categories, being the first category made up of students from fifth to sixth grade and the second category made up of students from seventh to eighth grade.

Obtaining in the first category, the first place the student Rafael Agustín Dinamarca Fernández, the second place the student Matías Antonio Valdés Fuentes and the third place the student Carlos Tomás Navarrete Miranda.

In the second category, the first place was the student Mateo Javier Mardones Solís, the second place was the student Martín Ignacio Guajardo Silva and the third place was the student Ramiro Esteban Pérez Cabezas.

Congratulations to all our students who participated and made this activity possible

By: English Department of Colegio El Salvador.-

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